Pompadour, With A Touch Of Royalty And Rock & Roll


It has been after a long time that a common fashion trend for both men and women has come around and worked it’s way up to the highest step in the ladder by being displayed on red carpets, by Hollywood actors and actresses. It is the Pompadour hairstyle which has conquered hearts of everyone, especially of men all around the globe. A typical Pompadour is worn with sides, and the hair is to be swept both backwards and upwards. It is often described as a vintage look which adds to your outlook , making it look classy.

The classic pompadour was a woman’s hairstyle until the late 1950’s. It seems to exist in fashion since then , however it’s advent can be traced back to as far as the  1700’s. The name credited with the bringing to life this hairstyle was of Madame de Pompadour Fade. She was the royal mistress of Louis XV (Louis the 15th), wearing strands that were curled and pinned backwards. In her times she popularized the style among other women as well, including Marie Antoinette , the wife of Louis XVI (Louis 16th). Since then we have seen a welcome transition of this hairstyle, of being more of a man’s accessory than that of a woman.

Celebrities such as Elvis Presley,  James Dean and Little Richard brought the style on the stage and back to life in the 1950’s. Following them we have seen numerous big names like John Travolta, Natalie Port man, David Beckham and Johnny Depp bring the style on screen and even off screen to red carpet events.

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The style is done best when the sides are kept short and the top is cut to a medium, not shorter than 4 inches. After that you can style your own pompadour with your own hands, without the assistance of any hairstylist. The most important  factor in the popularization of this hairstyle is the feasibility and the uncomplicated styling that it requires. The people who have curly hair, they can still wear the style by using any Keratin Straightening Product which doesn’t cost much and can help them to construct a slick and sharp pompadour .

The pompadour is the most adaptable fashion trend in the market to be accepted by a mass customer base and that too very quickly. This can be credited to the royalty and the rock and roll attached to its name. Rarely do we get fashion devices which were created as early as the 1700’s by a King’s mistress and then retouched again by legends of music and big screen actors, and therefore arrived at our end at a very affordable cost.

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Saying that , the pompadour has come recently or that it is somehow newly found , would be inaccurate as we can clearly see that it never left the fashion arena, it just shuffled from one popular retouch to another. So the pompadour is that classic trend which will continue to be in fashion for generations to come, embraced by both the genders and rock the hairstyle scene for a long time.

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